About Us

Imago Dei is a Latin term that translates to "Image of God." Imago Dei Attire came to fruition when a group got together and wanted to create a clothing line that can display one's Christian faith in a fashionable way.


Imago Dei Attire strives to be Real Clothes for Real People. By this, we mean NO photoshopping, and NO outsourced models. All of our pictures are taken of individuals who are regular customers, without being edited. Therefore, although one may see flaws, please remember that we are all made in the Image of God.


Just as we are all called to living holy and supporting those who are doing Kingdom living, we give back to local 501(C)3 nonprofit ministries. Every quarter the ministry changes of who the money goes to. This quarter from January to April 10% of the profits will be going to a ministry called Little Help Food Pantry in Lake Village, Indiana. This is a food pantry that is tied to a church who selflessly serves community members in their most basic needs.


Imago Dei Attire has been recently been established this year in 2017, and only does e-commerce, opposed to having a physical shop as well. In the future, we hope to expand into having shops nationwide. Although for now, one can purchase their products from our website and get them sent directly to their homes in a timely manner.